Founder of REBOL Technologies

Carl Sassenrath For more than 20 years Carl Sassenrath has been leading the design and implementation of fundamental advances in computer languages, operating systems, and distributed computing. In 1985 Carl was responsible for the design and implementation of the highly acclaimed Amiga Multitasking Operating System. His background includes senior development roles at Apple Computer’s Advanced Technology Group, Hewlett-Packard (Computer Systems Division), and Commodore Amiga. He was also the founder and president of Pantaray and American Multimedia, and was the co-founder and VP of Development for Videostream Inc. Carl has headed the development of Internet set-top boxes, CDTV (the world’s first CD-ROM set-top box), programming languages, and multimedia content authoring systems. Carl holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California.

Accelerating REBOL Improvements

Welcome to REBOL DevCon 2005

Many thanks to Gabriele and others!

13 to 15 nations are represented.

I will speak slowly - tell me if not.

Suggest where to meet next year?

[Start at later time too?]

Italiano Phrases to Know

Non parlo l’italiano

Non capisco. Capisce?

Il dolce far niente.

Ritornano i vostri clienti?

Meglio della cucina di mia mamma!

Sono Bill Gates.


A clean script is a nicer script.

My computer crashed. Windows sucks.

Improvements Since Last Year

Documentation - new docs, blog, word browser

Web Site -, wikified, Google search

RAMBO 3 - Everyone add to and view it.

Releases - More often. Finally View 1.3!

Features - Draw, seek, call, VM, more…

OSX - Alpha released. In high demand.

People - Expanding the REBOL team.

Goal for Next Year

Massively greater adoption of REBOL.

Orders of magnitude, not just double.

Not just programmers. Also, consumers, businesses, organizations, governments.

Make REBOL a standard.

Trends Show the Way

Communication technologies are hot.

Increasing distributed computing = X Internet.

Current methods too expensive (too heavy)

Cool stuff spreads faster!

What to Build

Beyond View, beyond IOS, beyond AltME

Communications oriented - real time sharing

Reblet centric - easy download

Agile development - hours not days

Modern interfaces - like XP and Mac, Konfab

Lightweight deployment - less than 1MB, auto update

Secure and private - encryption, signing

Community advancements - 1000 reblets

Central download site - archive of best reblets

Packagable products - commercial devls

Main Components

Client and server kernel


REBOL Services

VID Revised or Redone

Rich Text

Index Files (RIF)

Datasets, sync control

File transfer and management

Enhanced graphics modes (transp. window)

Reblet manager

Main Issues


Test suites

GUI - to VID or not to VID?

Web browser plugin support?

We need help from developers

To Be Continued…

Many things to discuss. Let’s talk!

Many ways for developers to help.

Join forces, make REBOL a new standard…

Abbiamo risolto i problemi del mondo!


The conference will be held in Treviglio, near Milan, Italy. This map shows the location of Treviglio and near airports (Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio). more...

Conference Schedule

29 Sep
Check in, Pizza party
30 Sep
1 Oct
Conference, Banquet
2 Oct
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Flying in from all over the world, learn more about the people and the topics to be given at the conference. more...