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Ashley G. Trüter

Ashley G. Trüter For over 15 years Ashley has been trying to do more with less, not because he’s clever but because there’s a lot of things he wants to do!

Apart from managing an investment company, www.dobeash.com, Ashley has championed the exclusive use of REBOL in the digital imaging company (www.imageman.com.au) of which he is a co-director. Details

Carl Sassenrath

Carl Sassenrath For more than 20 years Carl Sassenrath has been leading the design and implementation of fundamental advances in computer languages, operating systems, and distributed computing. In 1985 Carl was responsible for the design and implementation of the highly acclaimed Amiga Multitasking Operating System. His background includes senior development roles at Apple Computer’s Advanced Technology Group, Hewlett-Packard (Computer Systems Division), and Commodore Amiga. He was also the founder and president of Pantaray and American Multimedia, and was the co-founder and VP of Development for Videostream Inc. Carl has headed the development of Internet set-top boxes, CDTV (the world’s first CD-ROM set-top box), programming languages, and multimedia content authoring systems. Details

Richard “Cyphre” Smolak

Cyphre From the Czech Republic, Cyphre is publicly known for Alpha-Channel FX, 3-D Graphics, Splines, Bezier Curves, TCP-Tanks… Need we say more? Sure: he bought AGG to REBOL.

His name is Richard but he is best known as Cyphre on the X Internet. He grew on 8-bit Atari computers (BASIC, 6502 assembler). In the late 80’s he bought his first Amiga computer (A500) doing mostly graphics experiments and 8-bit sampled music, sounds and effects. Later he used Amigas and few synths for MIDI programming and composing. Being part of the electro-house-techno-trance wave in early 90’s he and REBolek founded project WEIRDDREAM and recorded some CD’s. Details

Gabriele Santilli

Gabriele Santilli Representing Italy, Gabriele had his first experience with computers when he was 6 and his father bought a Commodore 64. He was fascinated by it and at about 10 he began learning Basic; at about 13 he was programming in machine language; and at 14 he bought an Amiga 500 and learned C and M68k assembly. In the successive years he learned a number of languages, ranging from Pascal to C++, passing through AmigaDOS scripts and ARexx. Details

Gregg Irwin

Gregg Irwin If Gregg seems familiar to you, it’s just because he reminds everyone of someone. His preference for human friendly programming languages led him to REBOL after 11 years as Visual Basic specialist (yes, he *really* used V1, and has the diskettes to prove it). His “claims to fame” would pale in comparison to yours and everyone elses, so don’t ask. He isn’t ashamed to say that he doesn’t like C and thinks “real programmers” can write in any @!#$ language they want (he gets a lot of flak about his BASIC background). Details

Jaime Vargas

Jaime Vargas Jaime Vargas, natively from Colombia, started programming in Logo at age 12 in an Apple/IIe. He majored in Physics and Electrical Engineering and was involved in creating metrics for analyzing the Cosmic Background Radiation, predictions on the behavior of Quantum Wells, and software for Protein Optimization. He started his own company Why Wire, Inc. in 2002 and has been developing wireless products using REBOL. Details

John Niclasen

John Niclasen John has been programming computers since the Acorn BBC Micro and Amiga days. Working as a free-lance developer since ‘91. Graduated in programming, data-structures, object orientation, computer graphics and databases.

REBOL developments include a relational database (NicomDB), COBOL / XMLRPC interface, a viewer of images from Apollo missions (Apollo), NicomDoc, RebXML and latest Canvas RPaint (a DPaint kind of paint program). Details

Ladislav Mecir

Ladislav Mecir He is currently (since January 2005) working as a Software Developer for Why Wire Inc. Projects include BEER Framework, Smart Agent and SSH Framework. Details

Maarten Koopmans

Maarten Koopmans Maarten Koopmans is Manager Middleware Services at SURFnet, the national research network of the Netherlands. SURFnet connects the networks of universities, colleges, reserach centres, academic hospitals and scientific libraries to one another and to other networks in Europe and the rest of the world. Details

Baron R.K. Von Wolfsheild

Baron R.K. Von Wolfsheild Brilliant, arrogant, and dangerous. Just be glad he’s on your side on this. That aside, Reichart (”The Baron”) Started playing with computers back when “display” meant 8 LEDs in a row.  He began his career at a very early age, and before being old enough to legally drink alcohol—was the art director for TV commercials for Coors, God Father’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, and Pepsi.  In the early 1980’s he helped pioneer those really annoying music videos for the then fledgling MTV (sorry… ). Details

Robert M. Muench

Robert M. Muench From Germany, Robert’s accomplishments range from custom hardware processor design to IT software projects, from the depth of silicon to the heights of groupware and social computing.

Robert leverages his technical background in software and hardware development (massively parallel systems, compiler design, and database systems) in his xpeers.net community participation model for the business side of REBOL and its commercial success. Details


The conference will be held in Treviglio, near Milan, Italy. This map shows the location of Treviglio and near airports (Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio). more...

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