You can now download a PDF file with directions to print out and keep handy, very useful to reach us! The file is also available in OpenOffice format.

The conference will be held in Treviglio, near Milan, Italy. This map shows the location of Treviglio and near airports (Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio).

Most of the guests will stay at the Hotel Verri, located in Caravaggio, near Treviglio.

A printout of the Milan underground lines will help. The single ticket is 1 euro and is valid for 75 minutes from the first stamp/punch. You can stamp/punch it only once in the underground but you can change the metrò lines with the same ticket. If your first stamp/punch is on a bus or a tram you can still use it once for the underground and, exiting the metrò, you can only use buses or trams for the remaining time. Only for the yellow metrò line can be required a second underground stamp/punch.

Guests coming from the airports should:

Catch the bus number 73 for Piazza San Babila where there’s also an underground station. The ticket is 1 euro and should be available from the newsagents. (Note that the ticket is valid for the underground train too.) More solutions here.
There are two main choices: Malpensa Express will take you to Milano Cadorna railway and underground station, while the bus will take you to Milano Centrale railway station.
Orio al Serio
Catch the bus for Bergamo and, once in Bergamo, go to the railway station and take one of the trains from Bergamo to Treviglio. The ticket is less than 5 euros (single). The trains for Treviglio are the ones that usually go to Milan (Milano) and Cremona.

Watch out for the train you catch as:

  • Milan trains can pass either from Treviglio or from Carnate and the latter is wrong;
  • A few Milan trains pass from Treviglio without stopping so please ask.

To reach the school in Treviglio, where the conference will be held: the city map is here: you have to reach Viale del Partigiano.

From the “Centrale” railway station take the Viale de Gasperi (the “big” street with the trees) and reach its end keeping the left side of the street. You will be in a square (Piazza Insurrezione). Cross it and take via Matteotti (the street with the porch starting from the newsagent stand). In the little car parking you will see a small street (via Tommaso Grossi or via T. Grossi) starting from a shoes shop. This small street will take you nearly in front of a church. Take the even smaller street on the right side of the church and you will be in another small square behind the church. Cross the square and go upstairs (right stairs). You will be in viale del Partigiano. Stay on this side of viale del Partigiano an walk after turning right. There is another school before Salesiani, go on and cross the road when you face a stone pillar.

From the “Ovest” railway station having the railway behind you take the street on the left side of the station square then cross “largo 1 Maggio”. You will be in “via Mazzini”, a street with the trees: you must stay on the right side and cover all via Mazzini until you reach a square after a curve on the right. Cross the square to reach the trees in viale del Partigiano. Stay on this side and walk. You will see a church on your right, in a square downstairs. There is another school before Salesiani, go on and cross the road when you face a stone pillar.

If you plan to reach Milan from Bergamo to visit the city here are the trains from Bergamo to Milano. The ticket is less than 10 euros.

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