Cyphre From the Czech Republic, Cyphre is publicly known for Alpha-Channel FX, 3-D Graphics, Splines, Bezier Curves, TCP-Tanks… Need we say more? Sure: he bought AGG to REBOL.

His name is Richard but he is best known as Cyphre on the X Internet. He grew on 8-bit Atari computers (BASIC, 6502 assembler). In the late 80’s he bought his first Amiga computer (A500) doing mostly graphics experiments and 8-bit sampled music, sounds and effects. Later he used Amigas and few synths for MIDI programming and composing. Being part of the electro-house-techno-trance wave in early 90’s he and REBolek founded project WEIRDDREAM and recorded some CD’s. During this time he also traveled in the middle east and worked as a PC technician, gardener, worker, dishwasher, TV ad cameraman and digital cutter, In 1999 he became a REBOL addict when scripting an online web-based chess game using Rebol/Core. But his real REBOL obssesion started when Rebol/View reached his computer. From that point he produced galleries of graphical demos, games, GUI applications etc. always trying to push View’s potential to the max. He is currently living together with his beautiful wife in Czech Republic near Brno city.

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29 Sep
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30 Sep
1 Oct
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2 Oct
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