Gregg Irwin If Gregg seems familiar to you, it’s just because he reminds everyone of someone. His preference for human friendly programming languages led him to REBOL after 11 years as Visual Basic specialist (yes, he *really* used V1, and has the diskettes to prove it). His “claims to fame” would pale in comparison to yours and everyone elses, so don’t ask. He isn’t ashamed to say that he doesn’t like C and thinks “real programmers” can write in any @!#$ language they want (he gets a lot of flak about his BASIC background). His training to become a software engineer was as a Theatre Arts major. He was architect and lead developer on a mortgage origination system used by some of the top-ten banks in the U.S., and he has written code generators that should have spewed out over 1,000,000 lines of code by now; even a Windows resource compiler in pure VB.

REBOL: Logo for the 21st century

Learning to think critically and solve problems is more important than ever; with REBOL, we can go beyond Turtle Graphics and create languages tailored to specific domains.

Dialects by Example

What do dialects look like? How big are they? What are they good for? See example dialects used for range definition, control structures, library interfaces, series manipulation, IOS reblet creation, FSMs, and more.


The conference will be held in Treviglio, near Milan, Italy. This map shows the location of Treviglio and near airports (Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio). more...

Conference Schedule

29 Sep
Check in, Pizza party
30 Sep
1 Oct
Conference, Banquet
2 Oct
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Flying in from all over the world, learn more about the people and the topics to be given at the conference. more...