Scientist, CTO, and Founder of SafeWorlds

Baron R.K. Von Wolfsheild Brilliant, arrogant, and dangerous. Just be glad he’s on your side on this. That aside, Reichart (”The Baron”) Started playing with computers back when “display” meant 8 LEDs in a row.  He began his career at a very early age, and before being old enough to legally drink alcohol—was the art director for TV commercials for Coors, God Father’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, and Pepsi.  In the early 1980’s he helped pioneer those really annoying music videos for the then fledgling MTV (sorry… ).  It was then, that sadly Reichart’s life began a steep decline. Booze, cheap women, and world fame combined to bring down the once famous “wiz kid”. For years Reichart roamed the streets, homeless - without a friend in the world. He’d push around a shopping cart filled with his ideas and inventions (not to mention his really big foil ball and his lint collection). It should be quite obvious how he went from homelessness to heading multi-million dollar software companies, so we won’t go into that.  But nevertheless, the foil ball served a critical role.

Designing for the future Web

As the line between client side applications and web based services (ASPs) is quickly merging, the challenges facing software developers is growing into uncharted territory.  Technology and speed are always lagging behind the wants and the needs of the consumer marketplace.  Learn how Rebol plays a key role in our goal to service the fastest and largest segment of the web… service models.

Open Source
growing a stronger more trusting user base by supporting third party developers.
Allowing a service to become different products to different people by supporting existing and new system.
Why build a system on the current web based technology that is admittedly slow and a poor fit.
Different revenue models for different usages.

Join us for a quick review of the current system that is being used by Fortune 500 companies, and join in for a discussion of the future.


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29 Sep
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