General information


Rome’s water is chlorinated and safe to drink.  The many drinking fountains on Roman streets have safe drinking water, except for those with a “NON POTABILE” sign, which means that water is not for drinking.


The Rome area uses 220 volts 50 cycles.


Banks are open Monday through Friday from 08h30 to 13h30. Afternoon opening hours vary according to the branch, but are generally between 14h30 and 16h00. It is possible to withdraw cash from most automatic teller machines (Bancomat) with bank and credit cards if you have a four number PIN. Check the wicket for the credit card/Cirrus logo.

American Express card holders can obtain services from the American Express Office located at Piazza di Spagna, 38.  The office is open all day and on Saturday mornings (9:00 to 12:30).

Currency and Exchange

The currency is the EURO. Denominations are: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 cent, 1 and 2 Euro coins and 5,00 - 10,00 - 20,00 - 50,00 - 100,00 - 200,00 and 500,00 Euro bills.

Proof of Identity

Italian law requires that one carries an identity card. It is therefore advisable to carry your passport with you. However, keep it in a safe place.

Public Telephone

Telephones that take coins have become very rare in Italy. Otherwise you need to buy a phonecard (“scheda” or “carta telefonica” in Italian).  They are € 2,58 - € 5,16 - € 7,74 and available in any tobacconist, post office, most newsstands and some bars.

Remember that even local calls are timed; so if you are using coins be sure to put enough money. (The price for a local call starts from Euro 0,10).

International calls can be made at telephone booths, either using an Italian card or your credit card. To place international calls you have to dial the following sequence: OO + COUNTRY CODE + AREA CODE + NUMBER.

Postage Stamps

Postage for standard weight international postcards and letters to Canada and US is €.0,62 and €. 0,90 respectively. In addition to post offices, stamps can be bought from “Tabacchi” (tobacconists) which have longer hours and are more common than post offices. Letters can be posted in any of the red post boxes mounted on walls around the city and often found outside the tabacchi shops. For any destination other than Rome, use the “Per tutte le altre destinazioni” slot. The Italian postal service is distinguished by the monogram P.T.

Suggestions on tipping

Tipping is not mandatory. In restaurants you may leave 10 percent on a smaller bill, but not normally more than 10,00 Euros on a larger bill. Taxi bills can also be rounded out, but no tip is required. Remember to ask for a receipt from all taxi drivers, including tip.

Hairdressers: no fixed amount. If you are happy with the service you can leave up to 3,00 Euros. Porters are generally given 0,50 Euros per bag.  You may give the hotel concierge 5,00 Euros, if he has been particularly helpful.

Medical and Dental Services

Considering the language difficulty, and that in the large majority of cases you will not need an emergency room, we recommend the following medical services, all with English speaking personnel and medical doctors.

  • International Medical Center, Via Giovanni Amendola 7. Tel. 064882371. During night or weekends: 064884051. They have a 24-hour duty (English spoken). They can send a qualified and dedicated GP to visit you in your apartment or hotel anywhere in Rome. They charge a modest fee (around 21 Euros appr. 21 US$ or 12 UKP).
  • Rome American Hospital, Via Emilio Longoni 69. Tel. 0622551, with MD on duty 24 hours.
  • Salvator Mundi International Hospital, Viale delle Mura Gianicolense 67. Tel. 06588961. It is a privately run clinic, with English-speaking doctors.

Listed below are several English speaking doctors and dentist practicing in Rome.

Physicians: General Medicine

BASINI, Dr. Bruna
Via Cassia 1020
(office) 063761473
(cellular phone) 336-741715
(home) 063762559
SPELAR, Dr. Francio
Via Ludovisi 36
(office) 064884143/06485706
(cellular phone) 335-5329814
(home) 063214787
LOLLINI, Dr. Ettore
Salvator Mundi International Hospital
Viale Mura Gianicolensi 67 (near Vatican)
Hours: 03:00 p.m. to 05:00 p.m.
(office) 06588961
(home) 0686211170

Physicians: Dentists

ALTHOFF, Dr. Peter
Via Salaria 280
(office) 068554069
CICERO, Dr. Baldassare
Piazza Euclide, 2
(office) 068074476

Drug Store (Farmacia)

Farmacia Roberto
Via Emilia 49
phone: 0642014401
Farmacia Barberini
Piazza Barberini 10
phone: 064882970


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