The following is a short list of movie theaters offering English language movies:

Via Merry del Val, 14 Tel. 065880099 In English on Monday
Vicolo del Piede., Tel: 06 5803622.
Via SS. Apostoli, 20., Tel: 06 6794908.
Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 203., Tel: 06 6875455.
Giulio Cesare
Viale Giulio Cesare, 229., Tel: 06 39720877.

International Bookshops and Newsstand

There are many bookstores in Rome which carry a wide selection of English/French language titles as well as guide books. Some examples:

  • Feltrinelli International, Via V. E. Orlando, 84
  • British Council Library, Via delle Quattro Fontane, 20
  • La Strada, Via Veneto (multi-language)
  • Anglo-American Bookstore, Via della Vite, 102
  • Economy Book and Video Centre, Via Torino 136.
  • The Corner Bookshop, Via del Moro 48
  • The Lion Bookshop, Via della Fontanella, 3
  • The Open Door Bookshop, Via della Lungaretta, 25
  • La Procure, Piazza San Luigi De Francesi, 23 (French)

A good selection of English and French magazines and newspapers are readily available at the many newsstands on Via Veneto and close to major tourist areas.

Dining Out

The Italian love of good food is manifested in the great variety of eating establishments. We offer you here a glossary of terms.  For the names of particular restaurants, check our list of recommended restaurants or one of the many excellent guidebooks.  All restaurants close one day of the week. It is best to phone ahead if in doubt.

Glossary of Italian Eating Establishments

Ubiquitous.  Your neighborhood bar is where you get your morning coffee or the place to stop in for a quick lunch. Most bars charge more if you sit down, so do as the Romans do and eat at the Bar.
This is a wine shop. Wine tasting and light food, quiches, etc.
Ice cream shop.
Informal dining and often cheaper than restaurants and Trattorias.  The food is usually simple.
A glorified Bar selling a larger variety of sandwiches.
The pizza is cooked in wood fired ovens.  It is usually only available at night.
More like an American bar or a real English pub. Beer and wine are served. Lots of smoke, music, drinks and talk; often food.
Restaurants can be anything from simple to simply elegant but whatever the case this is the priciest type of eating establishment.
Mostly take out food, spit roasted chicken, potatoes, salads.  There are often a few tables for eating there.
Sala da Te
Similar to an English tea room, sandwiches, little cakes, delicate china.  Prices can be very high.
Tavola Calda
Similar to a cafeteria.  There is a wide array of food.  The prices are usually reasonable.
Similar to a restaurant but with more “rustic” food or ambience.  Prices usually lower than restaurants.

Recommended restaurants and trattorias

Via Veneto/Villa Borghese area

(€55,00 plus, per person)
Reservations recommended
Sans Souci
Via Sicilia, 20
Tel. 06 4821814
International Cuisine
Closed Mondays
Major credit cards accepted.
George’s Restaurant
Via Marche, 7
Tel. 06 42 08 45 75
Elegant, refined cuisine
Closed Sundays
Major credit cards
Harry’s Bar (Restaurant)
Via Veneto, 150
Tel. 06 484643
Major credit cards accepted.
Medium Priced
(€35,00 plus, per person)
Reservation recommended
Papa Baccus
Via Toscana, 36 (Pinciano)
Tel. 06 42 74 28 08
Tuscan traditional cuisine - Fresh Fish
Closed Saturdays at lunch and Sundays
Major credit cards accepted.
Via Piemonte, 109
Tel. 06 488 00 73
Traditional Romagna region cuisine
Closed Sundays
Major credit cards
Taverna Giulia
23, Vicolo dell’Olmo
Tel. 06 686.97.68
Lovely trattoria offering well prepared Genovese specialities. Excellent service.
Piazza de Ricci, 144
Tel. 06 686 13 02
Classical Roman cuisine made with fresh products in an unsophisticated decor. Very lovely at night.
Closed Mondays
Major credit cards
Taxi required
Girrarosto Toscano
Via Campania 29
Tel. 06 482.18.99
One of few restaurants specializing in steak and beef dishes. Very good food.
Closed Wednesdays
Marcello di Vladimiro
Via Aurora, 37
Tel. 06 481 94 67
Very popular and normally jam-packed. Good quality cuisine.
Closed Sundays
Major credit cards accepted
Lower Priced
(Under €35,00 per person)
Margutta Vegetariano S.R.L.
Via Margutta, 118
Tel. 06 32 65 05 77
Vegetarian cuisine
Via Parma, 11
Tel. 06 47825171
Classical Roman Cuisine
Cantina Cantarini
Piazza Sallustio, 12
Tel. 06 48 55 28
Very good quality. Fish on Thursday nights/Fridays/Saturdays
Closed Sundays
Major credit cards accepted
Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano, 20
Tel. 06 77 20 50 07
Famous for its seafood but also serves good meat dishes.
Closed Wednesdays and during the month of August.
Major credit cards accepted

Piazza di Spagna area

(€55,00 plus, per person)
El Toula
Via della Lupa 29/b
Tel. 06 687 34 98.
Fine Italian and international cuisine in a luxurious decor. Frequently visited by wealthy Italians and foreign tourists. Perfect service.
Closed Saturdays and Mondays at lunch, Sundays all day
Credit cards accepted: Amex, Visa, Diners
10 min. walk from Piazza di Spagna
Via Mario dei Fiori, 26
Tel. 06 67 93 335
Founded a century ago by Queen Victoria’s Chef. The decor has not changed since. An italo-continental cuisine. Upper price-range in category. Excellent quality.
Closed Sundays.
Major credit cards accepted
La Rosetta
Via della Rosetta, 8
Tel 06.6861002
Excellent fish and sea food.
Close Sundays
Quinzi Gabrielli
Via delle Coppelle, 5
Tel. 06.689389
Closed Sundays
Major credit cards accepted
Al Vicario
Via Uffici del Vicario, 31
Tel 06.69925530
Closed Saturdays at lunch and Sundays at lunch
Major credit cards accepted
Medium Priced
(€35,00 plus, per person)
Piazza di Spagna, 71
Tel. 06 6797497
Major credit cards accepted
Al Moro
Vicolo delle Bollette, 13
Tel. 06 678.34.95/06 69 94 07 36
Near Trevi Fountain. A classical restaurant offering all of the Italian cuisine repertory.
Closed Sundays. 15 min. walk from Piazza di Spagna.
No credit cards accepted
Trattoria del Pantheon da Fortunato
Via del Pantheon, 55
Tel. 06 679 27 88
Just a few steps from the Pantheon. Frequently visited by m.p.’s, senators and reporters. Good Roman specialties.
Closed Sundays.
Major credit cards accepted
Il Buco
Via S. Ignazio, 8
Tel. 06 679 32 98
Very friendly and attentive service.
Closed Mondays
15 min. walk from Spanish steps between Via del Corso and Pantheon
Major credit cards accepted
Beltrame da Cesaretto
Via della Croce - 30
Closed Wednesdays
5 min. walk from Piazza di Spagna
Very reasonable prices
Piazza Trinità dei Monti
Tel. 06 6785678
Closed Wednesdays
Very friendly and attentive service
Le Grotte
Via della Vite, 37
Tel. 06 6795336
Closed Mondays
Typical Italian Restaurant
Lower Priced
(Under €35,00 per person)
L’Archetto P.
Via dell’Archetto, 26 (near Trevi Fountain)
Tel.: 06 678 90 64
Specialty: Spaghetti house
Open every day
Birreria Viennese
Via della Croce 21
Tel. 06 679 55 69
Pub/meal service
Aphrodite Coffee-Bar (low prices)
Via Donizetti, 28
Tel. 06 855 26 23
Informal, trendy atmosphere; open only morning and at lunch.
Closed Sundays
Il Golosone
Via Flavia, 66
Tel. 06 4747843
Self-service fast Italian Food, Bar
Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 9
Tel. 06 32 26 273
A fusion of International influences with Italian traditions; wok-tossed spaghetti with vegetables and ginger or eggplant and chickpea strudel with a sesame-goat cheese sauce are mere examples. The restaurant occasionally hosts live jazz and swing music. At lunch you can get pizzas, salads and lighter fare at cookbooks and kitchen gadgets.
Reservations essential.
Closed Mondays.
Credit cards accepted: American Express, Master Card and Visa.
Via Borgognona, 11
Tel. 06 67 86 752
One of the most dependable restaurants in the historic center, Nino sticks to the classics, in food and decor. Special dishes include Tuscan cured meats or warm toasts spread with liver pâté, pappardelle alla lepre (wide noodles with a rich hare sauce) and grilled beef.
Closed Sundays and during month of August.

Other locations in the city

(€55,00 plus, per person)
Alberto Ciarla
Piazza S. Cosimato, 40 (Trastevere)
Tel. 06-5816068
Closed Sundays
Famous Italian Restaurant.
Very good quality
(Two restaurants)
Situated at Piazza Santa Maria in the heart of Trastevere. Even with the increasing number of tourists, the cuisine remains of high quality. Excellent fish and sea food. Intimate and refined surrounding.
Major credit cards accepted
  1. Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, 13
    Tel. 06 581 20 26
    Closed Wednesdays
  2. Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, 18
    Tel. 06-581 83 07
    Closed Tuesdays
Medium Priced
(€30,00 plus, per person)
Al Ceppo (Piazza Ungheria)
Via Panama, 2
Tel. 06 853 01 370 or 06 855 13 79
Warm, elegant atmosphere. Roman-style dishes but also offering classic and international cuisine.
Closed Mondays.
Major credit cards accepted
Osteria St. Ana
Via della Penna, 68
Tel. 063610291
Closed Sundays
Typical Roman Cuisine
Typical Italian Restaurant
Ciceruacchio in Trastevere
Via del Porto, 1
Tel. 065806046
Closed Mondays.
Typical Roman Cuisine
Da Vincenzo
Via Castel Fidardo 4/6
Tel. 06 48 45 96
Excellent Fish.
Closed Sundays.
Major credit cards accepted.
Il Matriciano
Via dei Gracchi, 55
Tel. 063213040
Closed Wednesdays
Typical Restaurant
Crisciotti Al Boschetto
Via del Boschetto, 30
Tel. 06 474 47 70
Closed Saturday mornings
Excellent quality
Cantina Tirolese
Via G. Vitelleschi, 23 (Vatican area)
Tel. 06 686 99 94
Closed Mondays
Vecchia Roma
Piazza Campitelli, 18
Tel. 06 686 46 04
Highly regarded cuisine and refined atmosphere.
Closed Wednesdays
15-20 min. walk from Piazza di Spagna
Credit cards accepted: AMEX/DINERS
La Carbonara
Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, 23
Tel. 06 686 47 83
Good quality cuisine.
Closed Tuesdays
Lower Priced
(Under €35,00 per person)
Panda Pub/Ristorante/Tavola Calda
(low prices)
Viale Liegi, 41a
Tel. 06 854 30 50
Very informal, quick service at lunch, dinner and into the evening.
Closed Sundays
Il Desiderio Preso per la Coda
Vicolo della Palomba, 23
Tel. 06 68 30 75 22
In the Piazza Navona area, this restaurant serves a Tuscan slant and a laid-back feel.
No lunch served.
Closed Mondays and during the month of August.
Major credit cards accepted.
Da Bucatino Pizzeria / Cucina romana
Via L. della Robbia, 84/86
Tel. 065746886.
Closed Mondays

Oriental cuisine via Veneto area/Piazza di Spagna area

Via Sicilia, 45
Tel. 06 42 88 49 83
Closed Tuesdays
Hamasei SRL
Via della Mercede, 35/36
Tel. 06 679 2413
Specialty: Japanese
Closed Mondays
Corono d’Oro
Via Arcione, 85
Tel.: 06 678 34 06
Specialty Cantonese and Chinese
Open every day
La Perla d’Oriente X
Via Due Macelli, 13
Tel.: 06 678 68 87
Chinese Restaurant
Open every day

Wine bars (enoteche)

Antica Enoteca
Via della Croce 166
Tel. 06 67 90 896.
Ideal place to stop for lunch or an afternoon drink while shopping near Piazza di Spagna. Sit at the bar and sample delicious, freshly prepared appetizers and drink the Fragolino — a sparkling, berry-flavored wine. Many wines to choose from.
Open daily 10:00 am to 1:00 am. Reservations suggested for Sundays.  (€20,00 +)
Major credit cards accepted.
Via Cernaia 37-B
Tel. 06 44 69 630
Very sleek interior with art-deco mirrors and attractive cherry and marble bar. Waiters are knowledgeable about the extensive wine options. Italian and French cheeses, salads and mixed salumi (cured meats) make a light meal possible. Noon to 3 pm and 6 pm to midnight.
Closed Sundays.
Major credit cards accepted
Cul de Sac
(Under €13)
Piazza Pasquino, 73
Tel. 06 68 80 10 94
This popular enoteca near Piazza Navona is among the city’s oldest and offers a book-length selection of wines from Italy, France and elsewhere. Food is eclectic, ranging from Italian meats and cheeses to several vegetarian options, a fantastic onion soup that bears no resemblance to the famed French version, and delicious desserts. Outside tables get crowded fast and Cul de Sac does not accept reservations.
No lunch on Mondays
Credits cards accepted: Master Card and Visa.
Enoteca Corsi
(Under €13)
Via del Gesù, 88
Tel. 06 67 90 821
Very convenient to the historic center, in the Piazza Navona area, for lunch or an afternoon break (no dinner), this little wine bar looks like it missed the revolution; prices and decore are “come una volta” (like in the old days) when the shop sold - as the sign says - wine (red or white) and oil. The genuinely dated feel of the place has its charms: you can still get wine here by the liter, or choose from a good variety of fairly priced alternatives in bottles. There are also nicely prepared pastas and kind service.
Closed Sundays. No dinner.
Major credit cards accepted.
Enoteca Spiriti
(Under €13)
Via SantEustacchio, 5
Near the Pantheon, this modern wine bar makes a good stop for a light meal after seeing the sights in the historical center. At lunch theres always a pasta and soup selection, as well as fish and meat specials of the day. Dinner is lighter, focusing on cured meats and cheeses.
Closed Sundays and during the month of August. No lunch served on Saturdays.
No credit cards accepted.
L’enoteca Antica di Via della Croce
(Under €13)
Via della Croce, 76/b
Its location near the Spanish Steps makes it a great stop for an aperitivo (pre-dinner drink) before hitting the areas restaurants. A small menu including cured meats, pastas and salads also makes it appropriate for a good lunch.
Closed during the month of August.
Major credit cards accepted.

Pubs: some of the many in Rome

Near Termini

All the pubs are 10 mins walk South of Termini toward S. Maria Maggiore.

  • Fiddlers Elbow, Via del Olmata, 43 (genuine Irish pub)
  • Drunken Ship, Campo de’ Fiori, 20.
  • Druids Den, Via S. Martino ai Monti, 28.
  • Finnegan, Via Leonina, 66.
  • Marconi’s, Via S. Prassede, 9


  • Night and Day, Via dell’Oca, 50.( near Piazza del Popolo).
  • La Vineria, Campo de’ Fiori, 15.
  • The Victoria House, Via di Gesu’ e Maria, 18
  • Birreria Peroni, Via di San Marcello, 19


  • Old Paddy, Viale delle Milizie, 80
  • The Proud Lion, Borgo Pio, 36, (near Piazza Risorgimento).


  • The Bug, Via dei Salumi, 3, (near Piazza in Piscinula).
  • La Scala, Via della Scala, (near Piazza S. Maria in Trastevere)
  • Molly Malone Irish Pub, Via dell’Arco di S. Callisto, 17


When Romans are in a hurry, or don’t want to spend too much money, they will generally eat in the excellent pizzerias all over town. Pizzas are cooked in wood ovens and you can have a glass of wine or beer with your meal without spending much over € 13,00 - 16,00.

Via del Governo Vecchio, 114
Tel. 06 68 61 617
Closed: Sunday and during the month of August
A well-known pizzeria in the Piazza Navona area.
Dar Poeta
Vicolo del Bologna, 45
Tel. 06 58 80 516
Romans drive across town for great pizza from this neighborhood joint on a small street in Trastevere. Maybe its the dough - the pizza is a bit cheaper than average, and made from a secret blend of flours that is reputed to be easier to digest than the competition. For dessert, theres an unusual calzone with ricotta and Nutella chocolate-hazelnut spread. Lunch is not served. Reservations are not accepted.
All major credit cards accepted.
La Montecarlo
(Under € 13)
Vicolo Savelli, 12
Tel. 06 68 61 877
In the Piazza Navona area, its open for both lunch and dinner. Reservations not accepted. Closed for two weeks in mid-August and on Mondays from November to April.
No credit cards accepted.
Via delle Fratte di Trastevere, 46
Tel. 06 58 95 167
This casual place attracts both tourists and locals, all of whom are drawn to the house specialty, pizza Popi-popi with tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, sausage, artichokes, and loves. If that doesnt satisfy, Popi-popi also has moderately priced, good-quality steaks. Reservations not accepted.
Via di Ripetta, 14 (p. Del Popolo)
Tel. 063211468
Good quality of Pizza.

Cafes and tea rooms

  • ANTICO CAFFE DELLA PACE Piazza della Pace
  • ANTICO CAFFE GRECO Via Condotti, 86
  • S. EUSTACHIO Piazza S. Eustachio, 32
  • BABINGTONS Piazza di Spagna, 23


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