Taxis in Rome are white, have an identification name and number on the front door and show a taximeter inside. They can be easily found in every part of the city in special taxi parking areas.

You can also call one of the many Radio Taxi companies: the operator will provide you with the name and number of the taxi thus allowing you to be sure it is the right one. The operator will also tell you in how many minutes it will reach your address.

From 7:00 to 22:00 the meter starts from Euro 2,33, from 22:00 to 7:00 from Euro 3,36 and holidays (7:00-22:00) from Euro 4,91. All prices are indicated on a chart inside each taxi.

Public Transportation

Public transportation in Rome is a system of subways, buses, trams and trains. One can ride on all modes of public transportation with one ticket.  Tickets can be purchased from many tobacconists, bars, newspaper kiosks, underground stations and bus terminal stations. There are three different kinds of tickets:

  • B.I.T. (Biglietto Integrato a Tempo) Time integrated ticket, Euros 1,00 that is valid for 75 minutes with the ability to transfer from one bus to another;
  • B.I.G. (Biglietto Integrato Giornaliero) Daily integrated ticket, Euros 4,00 that is valid only for the day of the validation;
  • B.I.S. (Biglietto Integrato Settimanale) Weekly integrated ticket, Euros 16,00 valid for seven days.

If caught without a validated ticket, you will be fined.


You enter the bus from the front or back door and exit from the middle.  Once on the bus, you must validate your ticket in the cancellation machine near the entrance doors. To exit, proceed to the middle door and press the red “fermata” button. On trams you enter by whichever door is closest and validate your ticket at the nearest machine.

Most buses stop running at midnight. Bus schedules/hours are written on the bus stop signs.

Subway or The Metropolitana

Runs daily from 05:30 to 23:30. There are two lines:

  • The A Line (Linea A) runs from Mattia Battistini through Via Cornelia, Valle Aurelia, Cipro - Musei Vaticani, Ottaviano - San Pietro, Via Lepanto, Piazza di Spagna, Barberini, Repubblica, Termini (where you can change to Linea B), S. Giovanni up to Anagnina.
  • The B Line (Linea B) leaves Termini (south of Termini) Station and stops at Via Cavour, Colosseo, Circo Massimo, Piramide, San Paolo, EUR Fermi.

Tickets for the subway/bus may also be purchased, using exact change, at the automatic vending machines at the subway stations.

More info on the subway can be found on the website.


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